Neck and Shoulder Pain

I had never had acupuncture before, I have had severe shoulder and neck pain for years, decided to try this and I can not believe the way that I feel. I have no pain in my neck or shoulders, I can not remember when the last time I had no pain. I feel wonderful, I believe I will continue with this type of treatment.

Sheila G

 Women’s Health

I am a 34 year old mother of two. I have been attending Helen Yang’s Acupuncture Clinic for the past three months. Since then I have noticed several positive changes. My monthly cycle has become regular again; it was absent and irregular for many years and now it has arrived on time for the past three months. The next one is due soon as Helen can even tell via my pulse what stage it’s at and when to expect it. I have become more balanced and present in my body. I used to comfort eat when I felt stressed now I can now handle stress better and I don’t feel as stressed.

I have also slimmed down considerably in the past three months; perhaps this is due to being more balanced and not feeling the need to eat at the sign of stress. I highly recommend having acupuncture with Helen, She loves being of service to her clients and there is always a happy flow of clients at the clinic.

Thank you so much Helen

Rubina K

Back Pain

I began with lower back pain which has persisted for several years. Walking for long periods had become a problem. After 2 sessions of acupuncture I was able to shop two days in a row with little or no pain in my legs. The treatment has been successful in relieving most of the pain. After a period of time I developed neck pain, the neck muscles were swollen and ache. I had difficulty turning my head from side to side. I agreed to proceed with two more treatments to establish a full recovery.

Roberta s

Sinus and Allergy Problems

I have had sinus/allergy problems for several years. I have had allergy shots, taken medication and used several types of nose sprays to clear my nose to be able to breath better. I did this almost every night so I could sleep. After the first treatment, and surely by the second treatment I did not use any of the nose sprays. I have slept comfortably without abruptly waking up starved for air and having to use the spray again to help me sleep till morning. Most notably the sinus pressure between my nose and midway up my forehead has decreased.

Abe H

 Insomnia and Migraine

Xixi is wonderful

I have never had acupuncture before. I have had insomnia and migraine and bad digestion my whole life.

On my cruise I came to the spa tour and met Xixi the acupuncturist. She gave me a demonstration and  that night I was able to relax and sleep with no disruption. I booked another treatment to see how well it would do. I felt so relaxed after I booked four more treatments. I have been able to sleep like a baby with no medication. I use the restroom without any medication.

Carol B