Temporary Leave to China for advanced training

   Dear clients, Thank you very much for your kind support and interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Hearing from you and being able to help you make me happy everyday. In order to improve my profession, I would like to let you know that I will leave to China at end of May for 2 […]



Great success on Helen Yang’s first acupressure seminar:)

   Thank you very much for everyone’s great interest and support on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Helen Yang’s first acupressure seminar was a great success with many positive feedback. In the seminar, we covered the basic theories of acupuncture, including phylosicphical concept of Qi, Yin & Yang, Five Elements, 12 standard acupuncture meridians and practical, effective […]

Acupressure Self-Treatment Workshop

Acupressure Self-Treatment Workshop  Acupuncture and acupressure is used on a daily basis in China and has been for thousands of years. Most Chinese people without any formal training know many self-healing acupressure techniques for general wellbeing and treat themselves for minor health complaints. Acupressure is natural form of touch therapy that utilises the principles of […]